Creating "Fascinating Images"
that Appeal Directly to Viewers


We create a wide variety of video content, such as branding for companies, products, and services, company information, recruiting information, in-house training information, business tools, and advertisements for events. We provide comprehensive support, from planning to filming, editing, and the creation of original scripts and background music, to meet a variety of customer needs such as filming a company's corporate vision and creating TV commercials for new products.
In addition, we can provide these services in a variety of languages. We also provide translation services, as well as narration in foreign languages.


We would produce wide range of video contents, which are promotional video and motional logo and various ones. You could leave us in charge for everything from the high quality scenario, the attractive video, the optimum narration to suggestions of BGM.



Promotion production
You can also take advantage of the video as a branding tool.



Motion logo of company name and product name, will leave a vivid image.



Flow of video content creation

  1. ①企画 - Planning -
    • ヒヤリング
    • 企画
    • 予算・スケジュール


    • Meetings
    • Planning
    • Budget, schedule

    We hold meetings to discuss the purpose of the video to be created, and then propose a planning outline and schedule. Afterward, an estimate is submitted and the job is confirmed.

  2. ②コンテンツ制作 - Creating the content -
    • コンテ・台本制作
    • BGM制作・選定


    • Creation of script, creation
    • Selection of background music

    We will create a script for your consideration. We can also produce original background music for your video.

  3. ③撮影準備 - Preparing for filming -
    • キャスティング
    • 機材準備
    • ロケハン


    • Casting
    • Equipment preparation
    • Location hunting

    We perform casting of actors, narrators, etc. as needed for the production, and prepare the required equipment. We also search for the locations where filming will take place.

  4. ④撮影 Filming
    • 本番撮影


    • Production shooting

    We ask the customer to be on-site when filming, to confirm that the content is being filmed as desired.

  5. ⑤編集 - Editing -
    • オフライン編集
    • CG・カラーコレクション
    • テロップ作成
    • 音入れ


    • Off-line editing
    • CG, color correction
    • Subtitles
    • Audio

    After filming is complete, we edit the video. The film goes through a variety of processes, such as subtitling and the insertion of background music and tentative narration.

  6. ⑥試写 Preview
    • 映像確認
    • 修正
    • ナレーション収録


    • Check
    • Adjustments
    • Narration recording

    The edited video is checked for accuracy by the customer. The structure and flow of the video, as well as the subtitling and background music can be adjusted as desired by the customer. When adjustments to the video are complete, the final narration is recorded to complete the production.

  7. ⑦納品 Delivery
    • 納品


    • Delivery

    We delivery the finished product in the format required by the customer: DVD, website video format, tape for commercials at broadcast stations, etc.

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