Developing Entertainment that Utilizes a Humanoid Robot


At Fabric Arts, we use our in-house programming technology to plan and develop applications using Pepper. Pepper handles our reception and public relations duties. There are endless possibilities for using Pepper in a wide variety of environments, such as at home and in hospitals, schools, and government offices.
We invite you to join us in developing entertainment services that utilize a humanoid robot, such as using Pepper at exhibitions and other events. Please feel free to inquire about rental and sales options.


According to your request, we would develop Pepper applications, commencing with a counter reception system using face authentication one, which works on the occasion of chalkface, medical welfare, event venue etc..

pepperによる社内受付システム / In-House Reception System Using Pepper


Pepper welcomes customers to Fabric Arts. We have built a reception application with a facial recognition system that allows Pepper to greet customers. This system allows Pepper to direct our customers to the correct department, so they do not need to wait.


Reception System Flow

  1. ①お客様お迎え - Greeting the customer -
    来客を感知するとPepperがおしゃべりを始めます。始めてのお客様には会社名やお名前をお伺いし、Pepperがお客様の情報と顔を登録します。登録情報は、受付スタッフや担当者のパソコンにデータ送信します。 Pepper begins talking when a customer is detected. For a first-time customer, Pepper asks for their name and company name, and registers this information along with the customer's face. This registered information is then sent to the computers for the reception staff and the person in charge.
  2. ②顔認識 - Using the facial recognition system -
    2度目以降の来客の際にはPepperの顔認識システムが働き、蓄積したデータの中から瞬時にお客様情報を読み込み担当者へ繋ぎます。 For a returning customer, Pepper's facial recognition system immediately retrieves the customer's information from the database and contacts the person in charge.
  3. ③担当者呼出し - Contacting the person in charge -
    パソコンで受けた担当者がPepperにメッセージを返信すると、その内容をPepperが代わりにお話しします。「いつもお世話になっております。少々お待ちいただけますでしょうか」「すぐに参りますので、会議室に入ってお待ちくださいませ」。担当者が来るまで、Pepperとの会話をお楽しみください。 The person in charge responds to Pepper, who then relays the message to the customer. "Thank you for your continued patronage. Please wait just a moment."
    "Our representative will be with you shortly. Please make yourself comfortable in the conference room." You can enjoy a conversation with Pepper while waiting for the person in charge to arrive.
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